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Cybersecurity solutions and risk assessment services to prevent cyber attacks and meet compliance objectives

ADISON LAW is the key to modern cybersecurity, advising businesses and Institutions on how to manage all types of cybersecurity risks while accelerating business and organisational innovation throughout the business lifecycle.


ADISON LAW is a critical cyber risk ally for boards, guiding businesses and institutions through the minefield of managing cyber risks throughout the business lifecycle, from security product and service implementation, to breach investigation and response, regulatory reporting and advising the board on emerging best practices and standards. ADISON LAW approaches cyber risks holistically in a manner that encompasses governance, employee privacy and corporate culture.

ADISON LAW advises on all issues surrounding cyber security, including developing compliance programs; providing compliance counselling; assisting with data breach investigations and responses; handling regulatory investigations and implementing real time threat intelligence tailored to your attack surface. ADISON LAW is an information technology expert deploying new defensive measures in the company's  or institution's networks, developing the statements of work for new contracts, negotiating information-sharing agreements, advising on legal risks associated with the many and varied daily decisions of securing networks, and managing the hour-by-hour response during an incident.

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ADISON LAW advises on and implements an End-to-end zero trust architecture strategy to help businesses, governments and institutions to reduce the risk of cyber attacks. In doing so, ADISON LAW collaborates with the worlds leading threat intelligence companies , providing the exact solution to minimise, mitigate or resolve the cyber risk applicable.

Cybersecurity: Practice Areas
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