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Natali Adison , the founder of ADISON LAW is a rare combination of an attorney and an entrepreneur, with a broad legal and global cultural knowledge and great collaboration skills. 

As a young lady inspired by her family's international business acumen, Natali developed a passion for both law and business. 

As an innovative, pragmatic entrepreneur with experience as a compliance lawyer across myriad industries Natali proves having a deep understanding of the legal business related complexities and masters in building innovative compliance strategies and in finding the ideal balance between opportunity and risk while ensuring business growth.

Natali's practice relies on her extensive experience in understanding the fast-moving environment of corporations and EU institutions and their technological and structural processes.

Natali provides businesses and EU Institutions with innovative advice on a wide range of complex contracts and transactions during all stages of the project lifecycle, she develops and implements risk-based solutions and procedures in order for the latter to meet their legal obligations. 

Natali advises clients active in the technology, Artificial Intelligence, retail, healthcare, distribution and luxury sector, on regulatory, commercial, contractual, data protection and cybersecurity matters.

Natali's strong work ethic and extensive language skills, entrepreneurial spirit and collaborative approach are the foundation to her ongoing success.

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