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ADISON LAW ensures your continuous compliance with data protection and cybersecurity laws and regulations

If you think data privacy and cybersecurity laws and regulations hinder your technological innovation, or that somehow technology and privacy are mutually exclusive, you don't understand privacy nor technology. 

Data is value and luxury, also the new gold and oil all together. ADISON LAW adds value  and luxury to your reputation and your business,  staying ahead of your competitors, by getting your data practices and data governance right throughout your data lifecycle. 

ADISON LAW will help you grow data compliance and security, gain innovative growth and maintain trust. 

ADISON LAW is breaking new grounds finding creative solutions translating and implementing data protection and cybersecurity laws and regulations and synthesising the latter into practical advice that supports companies and institutions business strategy and priorities. ADISON LAW can also function as your external DPO, monitoring your organisations compliance with the applicable data protection laws, providing technical, operational and data governance advise to secure your IT architecture systems and devices; prevent mitigate and respond to personal data breaches and be the point of contact towards the authorities. 

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In the complex and fast changing field of digitalisation, data protection and cybersecurity, companies, institutions, employees and clients need to be able to rely on continuous competent subject related guidance. 
ADISON LAW will accompany your company or institution as a DPO during your digital transformation and will ensure the needs and rights of the persons affected are respected while the company’s or institutions interests are balanced to ensures that the interests of everyone involved in the data lifecycle are met.

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ADISON LAW has a high degree of in-depth expert knowledge of data protection legislation aligning the latter and performing the full range of tasks required of a DPO with your core business activities throughout the data lifecycle.

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ADISON LAW takes on all the responsibilities as an internal DPO, being  compliance monitoring, legal - technology and product related advisory and strategy development, workforce training, internal audits and roadmap implementation - acting as the liaison with the Data Protection Authorities, without the payroll costs associated with an employee.

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Engaging with ADISON LAW means you do not go through any conflict of interest when it comes to making the intended and required decisions about your technology and data protection activities.

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Business and institution who place a particular value on compliance and legal certainty rely on ADISON LAW, their up to date expert on data protection and cybersecurity legislation who is familiar with the sector in which they operate.

As an external DPO, ADISON LAW supports and advices in the following areas as a function of its concrete assignments:

Conducting a privacy analysis :

  • Determination of the company’s current state – risk and deficiencies - privacy goals - adjustments

  • Recommendations beyond legal requirement (if applicable)

  • Draft Roadmap and Implementation thereof.

Establishment of mandatory 

documentations, such as: 

  • Data Processing Agreements- Record of processing activities - Data protection statement / privacy policy - Annual Report

  • Data protection impact assessment (if required)

  • Technical and organizational measures

  • Internal guidelines and privacy policies. 

Being the main contact person regarding all privacy issues towards the companies' or institutions' staff - ​but also towards Data protection authorities. 

Provision of trainings and sensibilisation. 

Collaboration in fulfilment and securing the rights of applicable persons. 

Implementation of privacy by design and privacy by default principles throughout the data lifecycle.

Risk management and data security 

​Establishment and implementation of required procedures.

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